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Most don’t want “charity”, but yet charity is the highest and most noble act of the human heart. Charity is “love”. With “loving your neighbor as yourself” as it’s basic thrust, Plesion works toward combining charity with another important principle — to help people help themselves — simply put, “self-help”.


     These two elementary principles—love and self-help — are a powerful force when combined in a project that is ultimately designed to be self-supporting. Love and good works can be repeated over and over creating permanent results.


    Therefore, Plesion developed the Water of Life project —  a self-supporting, self-help charitable endeavor targeting a specific physical, medical need — pure water for infusions, drinking water, surgical washes and nutritious fluids. Click on “Water of Life” for more information.


     Since 1992, Plesion has completed a Water of Life project in Russia, Nigeria and also in Vietnam. It has also worked with another organization in Niger (W. Africa). It also has continuing projects in Vietnam and in Romania. Please click on Projects by Country  for details and pictures.


     In 2002, after a three year development period, Plesion launched a companion initiative - Taste-n-See  - a powdered, water-soluble flavored nutritional product specifically directed at treatment of malnourishment in children. Taste-n-See was distributed to orphanages and street children in Vietnam, Malawi, Romania and Ethiopia. A whey based chocolate flavored product replaced it in 2011 so more protein could be administered.


    Plesion is registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the

U.S. Government as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It is incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA. In both Vietnam and in Russia, it is officially registered as an NGO (Non-governmental Organization). For the latest IRS 990 report information click here.


Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up..


Plesion is a 501(c) (3) humanitarian organization. To  enable its charitable tax-exempt activities, it is dependent on both good-will gifts from a generous public as well as “self-help” funding from local sources.


If you wish to become a donor-partner with us, you may make a donation by going to


“I Want To Help”

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Plesion … now in its 20th year … is distributing a gravity type water filter that exceeds NSF 53 standards, and looking into new ways to meet the needs of children’s healthcare, including providing nourishment to malnourished children. To donate please click here.


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