The Apollos unit is custom built by Plesion. It consists of a series of filtration stages mounted on three(3) panels and linked to form a free-standing triangularly-shaped unit. The main panel contains three(3) reverse-osmosis (R/O) modules capable of producing 13,300 liters of bacteria and contaminant-free pure water every 24 hours. It’s 2HP 220v,50hz pump motor drives two belt driven pumps and uses very little energy. Source water must be from a city source or be pre-treated with additional filtration and pre-treatment stages before entering Apollos. A 75% conversion rate is possible — for every 4 gallons of source water, 3 gallons will be converted to product water. Waste water can be recycled to other uses such as bottle washing, etc. When IV fluids are produced, terminal sterilization via steam autoclave is required after bottling. The IV technique also requires a 3 hr window from source water to final sterilization. Click picture for more details ...

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In Vietnam, the Water of Life facility is located in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) in District Four. The Apollos unit was installed in this building in November of 1998 and the facility and the product water have passed all government testing for cleanliness and product quality. Click picture for more details...

Shown here a young cancer patient in the 1000 bed Children’s Hospital in NN, a major city of 3 million. During the 1992 crisis in obtaining medical supplies, Plesion arranged for medicines, supplies, equipment and a complete Water of Life system to be donated to the hospital. Click picture for more details ...

    The Water of Life system consists of a series of stages of water filtration. It’s purpose is to provide a low-cost local means of producing water pure enough for either IV fluids, drinking water or medicines. In most countries a ready market awaits products like this and others, therefore once the project is completed, they can be sold at a low price to the public, even at a small profit.

     All of the proceeds from such sales of Water of Life products - after expenses are paid  - are pledged  to maintaining the project’s charitable purposes — e.g., supporting community healthcare projects for children. Example: In Saigon, Vietnam, 100% of any surplus funds are pledged to helping poor children. See the newest addition—Apollos V gravity type filter.

     The heart of the Water of Life system is the Apollos unit. It produces water that is pure enough for IV fluids. Naturally the water is also pure enough for drinking and for nutritious drinks. Producing IV fluids requires careful consideration because the end stage requires an expensive additional process for a self-help project - terminal sterilization of the finished product.


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